My Forensic Psychologist

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The first booth I visited during the even was the Criminal Justice booth where my personal friend Fahar Jumma was a representative. I asked her what her most enjoyable classes were and why and she responded that she loved Investigations class. Fahar elaborated that she’s fond of Investigations because professors share their hands-on experiences with crime scenes so it’s like watching a crime drama in real life. She also stated that she liked Criminology class because it teaches her how to help victims cope and how a crime affects them. Next, I asked her what her most challenging course was and what made it challenging. Fahar replied that the class Contemporary Police Practices was difficult for her because the teacher only gives two exams and nothing else, so your grade solely depends on doing well on those two exams. I concluded my discussion with Fahar by asking her what she plans on doing with her major, and she declared that she wants to pursue federal law. After my discussion with…show more content…
Diana is currently striving to be a Forensic Psychologist, she already has interned with SAPD and says that there is a high demand for Forensic Psychologists. She says the field is very interesting for her since she gets to participate in all the action and says it pays well with lots of bonuses. Diana elaborated since there is a lack of people within the field, especially in San Antonio that it is never hard to get your foot through the door. All in all, I learned a lot of useful and new information about majors within the college. I was able to get relevant knowledge and get to know new people. I’m glad I got the chance to attend the event and the free stuff provided at every booth was an added bonus. I am still strong within my choices to major in Medical Humanities and Psychology, but I’m glad I got to discuss other fields of study with
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