My Freshman Year : The Worst Year Of My Life

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Freshman year was the worst year of my life. I took up toxic habits, lied to the people closest to me, and became involved in destructive relationships. However, I eventually overcame all of this to become the person I am today. The story of the worst year of my life starts a year earlier – my eighth grade year. During eighth grade I began to struggle with many things. Self-esteem, friendships, romantic relationships, sexuality, and acceptance, just to name a few. At some point during that year, I decided to join every social media site you could think of. On each site I joined, I chose to follow accounts that posted about depression and had an overall sad theme. Looking back now, I see that I joined these sites because they reflected what I was too afraid to admit to myself – I was depressed. For me, it wasn’t just that I was sad, but I was empty, lost, wandering, and I always felt numb. After my eighth grade year, from the influence of social media and the television shows I chose to watch, I began to self-harm. For a while, no one else knew about it. I would hide my cuts with dozens of bracelets and I would always wear a jacket with long sleeves. Then, I slowly stopped eating. During lunch at school, I would only take a bite or two before I claimed I was full. When I was at a friend’s house, I would always say that I ate before I got there when they offered me food. No one seemed to notice this, either. However, as time went on, I could tell that my closer friends
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