My Friend Committed Suicide, I Did Not Essay

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My Friend Committed Suicide, I Did Not During Junior High I had many absolutely dire problems that were constantly on my mind. My out-of-date wardrobe continuously embarrassed me. My hair would not acquiesce to any attempted hairstyle. My parents didn't understand me, my teachers were all picking on me, and nobody really liked me for me. These beliefs were all false, of course. At the time, it never occurred to me that all my concerns and volatile emotions were "normal". I never considered that while I was going through the transition from elementary school to high school, from kid to teen, that I was creating my own world-view and that I was emotionally vulnerable to every imagined slight. There was one event, though, that made me…show more content…
Over the next few days I found out that Kenny didn't have an aunt or cousins in Arizona. In fact, he didn't have any aunts at all. I realized that my friend had, as much as he was able, told me goodbye. The next week came the counselors. They came to every class Kenny had been in. They stood in front of the class with sad expressions frozen on their faces and told us that if we were "feeling down" that we should talk to our parents. I idly wondered if the counselors knew that Kenny's mom often told him that if he wasn't around, costing her money, she could buy a new car. They told us with fake sincerity that we could talk to them if we felt we couldn't talk to our parents. I disgustedly retorted in my mind that no kid would ever go to a school counselor because every student knew the counselors would just tell the parents. The counselors told us that if we were having problems with our schoolwork (Kenny had been failing a couple of classes) that we should talk to our teachers and they would help us. I wanted to scream at them then. Didn't they know, didn't they even care that Kenny had gotten an A- on a test once? He had studied really hard, hoping to please his parents, but when he took the test home to show his dad, his father has slapped him and said "You think you're smart? We don't have no use for any smart ass kids here!" I sat silently at my desk and seethed. Then they told us that we should feel sorry for Kenny and that suicide was wrong. I was 13 - only 13

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