My Friend 's Fiesta De Quinceanera

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“No mama coño there are no more damn ties that match with this shirt!” I immediately answered back to my mom, annoyed. How could that possibly happen to me? I was not allowed to go and the sun was already going down. Out of all the nights it had to be that one. My short temper caused me to get in trouble with my mom and all I had to do was find a tie that matched the shirt. I truly believed I would have ended surely staying home and missing out my friend’s quinces. It was all I was looking forward to since i found out i was invited. Even though I was really excited it wasn’t because it was my friend’s fiesta de quinceañera but because someone really special was invited, someone that I would have never guessed would have affected my life so much. Well anyways, how can it happen I had no idea but it did, tragically the unavoidable occurred. It 's quiet average from that age after all I was only 15, to fall in love with someone again. Do I believe in love in first sight? Well sometimes it only depends on how amazing the significant other is or how foolish you are yourself. Nothing horrifying can happen if you truly like someone especially when you left that person for someone else in the 6th grade and that someone else left you for someone else. Well it really just ruins you makes you forget about the equilibrium of life, or what’s the good and bad. Becoming a new self-being, you are who you want to be. You are yourself, creating a different point of view on everything mostly

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