My Friends And Family Of The Marine Corps

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Typically my friends and family have similar views about subjects like politics, religion and all of those other topics that aren 't supposed to be brought up in polite conversation. I come from a conservative, religious family of farmers. My friends generally come from the same sort of household or were in the Marine Corps. In my experience, while not always true, military members tend to be the conservative religious types. In this regard, I 'm the outlier. While not associating with any particular political group, I agree with both sides of the aisle on different topics. If you have ever had a lengthy conversation with me, you also know I don 't associate with any religion. Then again, if someone has what I believe to be weak reasoning,…show more content…
Not being able to write and write coherently, would drastically take away from one 's life. I feel confident that this argument would be enough to convince most but for those out there that like to delve into deeper thought and reasoning I will solidify my reasoning. To do this, lets take a look into the work field. I have yet to find a job profession that does not require even the slightest bit of writing. I would be unable to take every single job into account for simple reasons. It would take far too long and would be far too boring to read about. Instead, I 'm going to examine the field of real estate. Growing up around my mother, an agent herself, I 've acquired knowledge of the subject and become quite interested in this career. I 've also seen just how often writing has contributed to her success. I will argue that writing relates to power by examining the different ways in which writing is used in real estate. Then I will explore those avenues individually to explain the different ways writing can affect them. This will show that if writing relates to power thoroughly in one field, it will in all fields and therefore in everyone 's life. I believe real estate is an excellent topic to discuss considering that at some point in your life you will end up dealing with a real estate agent. I know this is true through conversations I 've had with people that liked the
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