My Friends And I Speak Nonstandard English

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My friends and I speak Nonstandard English because that is what we hear the most because that is what most of our family speak. We insult each other and sometime we cuss at wach other. For example when we insult each other we often call one another "fat," "ugly," and "dumb." When we insult each other it is not meant to hurt one another feelings. Some time our insult can be harsh but that is how we relieve some stress. Our life is hard when we are at home because we struggle day to day. So when we get the chance to hang out with each we try to make each other laugh. Also when my friend and I decided to do something like skip class or go to a party and someone back out we make fun of them. For example, we will call them "scary," "wack," or a "weenie." We do this for they can feel embarrass and so they can change their mind about backing out. I make fun of them because when I was little my sister and brother always made fun of me because I was the youngest so as I got older I wanted to do it back to other for I can feel like I have the power to change someone 's mind. With my siblings, we tend to use body language when we are out in public. We do this when we want to talk about someone we don’t like and we do not want to say it out loud. For instance, if we see someone that we do not like we look at each and laugh and look at that person we do not like. Another example is when we see someone who is wearing something ugly on and they think they are cute, we signal each

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