My Friendship At Venture Academy Essay

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My friendship with Thomas had started in my seventh grade science class at Venture Academy in Stockton. We talked with each other throughout that week and eventually became very good friends. While we were in seventh and eighth grade, we had a flourishing friendship. The summer of 2012 had arrived, and I had decided to return to my school district of residence in Manteca. However, he had stayed at Venture Academy. During my high school tenure, we stopped spending time with each other. As I was involved with my high school’s band program, I was busier than he was and thus we did not see each other as much as we did. My relationship with my friend Thomas hasn’t always been the strongest. As aforementioned, our friendship was thriving during our seventh and eighth grade years. During junior high, my friendship with Thomas was very growing.I would go over to his house on many occasions to play video games. During October of 2011 when I was beginning eighth grade, Thomas had introduced to me a game by the name of Minecraft. I had watched a few videos about it on YouTube and had decided that I enjoyed the content of the game and wished to buy it. When I eventually bought the game, Thomas and I had bonded over the different aspects of the game that both of us enjoyed. We had also talked about the myriad of YouTube videos available of people playing the game. At the beginning of my seventh grade year, my mother had heard about Thomas. She apparently knew his mother. After I asked

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