My Future As A Professional Essay

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The textbook assigned for this course highlighted many important lessons that will guide me in my future as a professional. This course allowed me to learn about many companies who were affected due to the lack of ethicality in their culture and employees that will eventually lead the company to misstate its financial statements. Given that the name of the course is “Ethics in Financial Reporting and Accounting,” I think this book gave an excellent overview of how to avoid financial troubles when working for a public company or a professional services firm. While I think every chapter provided important ethical concepts to be taken into consideration when working in a professional career, some moral lessons caught my eye as I learned about them while I read the textbook. These five lessons include identifying ethical blind spots, avoiding motivated blindness, tone at the top and independence, ethical conduct and its effect on financial statement fraud, and the importance of ethical standards and cultural values when engaging in global business. I think these five lessons are the most valuable ethics lesson that will live on with me forever into my professional career. Ethical blind spots are the gaps between who you want to be and the person you are. In other words, most of us want to do the right thing and act ethically, but internal and external pressure get in the way. Ethical blind spots are a result of bounded ethicality; a psychological process that leads good
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