My Future Becoming A Fantasy

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It is the last game of the set. The sun is beating down on my body. Sweat is rolling from my arms to my fingertips. I am losing all grip, grip on my racquet; grip on the lead over my opponent, grip over winning. I watched as the ball slowly hit the ground right outside of the boundaries. It was all over. I loss. I was devastated. Yet, I was so relieved. I could finally tend to my shoulder, which had been in excruciating pain for the last hour. This was a common scene through my junior year of high school. I dreamed of playing tennis in college on a scholarship and eventually making it to the U.S. Open. Nothing was going to get in my way, nothing except my shoulder. Test after test, doctor after doctor, no one could figure out why I was in pain majority of the day. Over the course of two years, I slowly saw my future becoming a fantasy. After a long journey in search of relief, I discovered a doctor that agreed to do an exploratory surgery. I wasn’t new to the hospital scene. I grew up in the hospital, often visiting my parents and grandparents during their long work hours. But I myself I had never been a patient. For the first time I was experiencing the worry and uncertainty that overcomes so many people. However, once I got back into the surgery area, my worry was masked with total awe and amazement. It was a different world that struck my curiosity like a toddler discovering a new toy. The anesthesiologist was calming and put me in a trance of ease. Maybe it was
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