My Future Career : A Marketing Manager

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As my future career I want to become a marketing manager. A marketing manager is someone in a company who directs and is in charge of promoting and advertising the company 's products. Marketing managers would have to create campaigns and be organize. Furthermore, they plan out how the product will be communicated with the customers and they are in charge of making sure the campaigns stay on budget as well as receiving profit. In order to become a marketing manager I need to get a bachelor’s degree and go to a four year college or university. I would be a good marketing manager because I love to travel, I am organized and neat, and love to communicate with others.

Marketing is as old as civilization. According to D. Steven White there are five different phases of evolutions which are Simple Trade Era (pre- industrial revolution), Production Era (1860’s-1920’s), Sales Era (1920’s- 1940’s), Marketing Department Era (1940’s-1960’s), and Marketing Company Era (1960’s-1990’s). Traders are example of simple trade era because they engaged in persuading others to trade different supplies. For example, our ancestors once traded food for supplies, and vice versa. Back around the time of World War Two people were always limited to supplies so they had to trade to get the supplies they needed. Around the 19th century people started to build their own business, they believed the customers will come to them. However, around the 1920’s through 1940’s many more people started to create…
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