My Future Career As A Specialist Instructor / Teacher

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Daniel Pink makes a solid, science built point regarding motivation 3.0 in his book “Drive”. For the 21st century we are in need of more people that allow themselves to have autonomy, purpose and mastery in their life to become successful and achieve happiness in their careers. Able to look at my future career as a specialist instructor/teacher in a different point of view. After reading every chapter I was able to see how I can apply some of these methods to achieve my goals and also be happy in my career. Most of us look at our future and think we need to pick a career that can offer us a 6 digit yearly income, without realizing if that career will bring us happiness. Drive was able to make me realize when looking at my future career I…show more content…
Basically he states we can find the most pleasure in something when we do it for our own desire and purpose. By this it will make me closer to achieve something greater like happiness, health and success all in one. When I look at my future career as a teacher I see myself helping others and being able to have the satisfaction to see the childrens education grow each day. It’s great to do something you love but to get paid at the same time it’s a satisfaction all the way around. When I was looking at my future career I wanted to help students achieve their full potential I want to make a difference in somebody’s life.
Knowing I have the freedom to choose my career is just the beginning. The autonomy in my career would be to be allowed to teach children to think outside of the box and not be subject to a certain structure of teaching. There will be some challenges depending on the school’s district policy and the principal of course. Each school district and principal have policies on the required curriculum and at what pace the students need to move on. But, there are some occasions where they give you the requirements that have to be met with a time frame. At the same time give you the freedom to teach it in your own way. Although I have mixed emotions about Pink’s theory about autonomy I do agree “We should focus on what people get done, not how many hours
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