My Future Career As A Teacher

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Solano-Classroom Observations
As an intern, I felt that this assignment was very beneficial to my future career as a teacher. I was able to see different strategies or techniques that teachers use in their classroom. This helped me determine strategies that I would want to apply in my future classroom. I was also able to observe strategies that did not work at all. The observations also made it clearer why differentiation in the classroom is important.
Out of all the teachers I observed, there was only one teacher who seemed to differentiate instruction. The English teacher I observed allowed the students to practice the previous lesson they learned through a computer game, with a partner, or through writing. While the students worked on their chosen assignment, the teacher used different questioning techniques as she walked around the classroom. She would base her questions on the assignment they choose to work on. The students being able to decide how they wanted to review the material seemed to keep them motivated for the beginning of the class. The other two teachers I observed, only gave the students a worksheet after they taught the lesson on the board. They would occasionally ask questions, but would mostly have the students answer as a whole. All the teachers used some type of motivational strategy. All the teachers showed enthusiasm about the subject they were teaching. The two math teachers I observed related the topics to real life scenarios. The algebra teacher…
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