My Future Career : Choosing A Career

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My Future Career

Choosing a career is sometimes difficult because there is an endless amount of job

possibilities in the world. Ultimately you have to make the choice of what makes you the

happiest. In the future I want to become a lawyer, a criminal lawyer specifically. I chose this

career because I’ve always had strong opinions on almost everything and I like to get my point

across. Also because I grew up watching so many different cop shows and documentaries like

Law and Order and CSI for example. That lifestyle really resonated with me because their lives

are always fast paced and full of action. Besides those things, I have a personal desire to help

people. Through being a criminal lawyer I could either work for the defense or prosecution. By

being a defense lawyer I am responsible for making sure I gather the right types and amount of

evidence to ensure that the accused goes to jail for whatever offense they committed. While

working for the persecution on the other hand I would be doing almost the opposite, I would be

trying to prove that the accused is innocent or either reduce his sentence if they are guilty. There

was a program I participated in my junior year called College Now where I was able to take

college classes and I chose to take a paralegal studies class. My teacher was an attorney named

Mr. Applewhite. He was a really great teacher because she taught us about a lot of the things that

go on behind the scenes of being a lawyer…

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