My Future Career Of Becoming An Elementary Teacher Essay

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A Before this course, when I thought about diversity I would think about race almost exclusively. Through our class discussions and book assignments I have learned that diversity covers many more topics. This will help me greatly in my ideal future career of becoming an elementary teacher. Reading is such an important skill for children. Books teach so many different things. Like in one of the TED talks we watched, the speaker talked about only having books that portrayed white children. She felt like she couldn’t connect to the books. She also found that people in America believed that she lived with extremely low income when she lived in Africa. This may not have to do completely with books but there are not many books that show stories like her own.
One of the articles that I read for a reading assignment, Why Diversity in Children’s Literature Really Matters by Jacob Hood, talked about a boy who was not white. He really loved adventure books but felt like people of his color couldn’t be adventurous because all the people in the adventure books were white. Children have so many questions and are creating their future selves. If these kids are accustomed to many different diversities, not only race but also gender, family structure, socioeconomic status, religion, age, sexual orientation, mental illness, and many more topics, are less likely to “other” and stereotype people. Books that show diversity in many different ways help children feel like they can fit in and
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