My Future Career - Original Writing

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After a trip to the dentist, I declared my future career. I told my mom not going to have to worry about my siblings and me having cavities because she had a little dentist in the house. I “operated” on my brother and sister’s teeth as if I were a dentist. I sat my brother on the toilet seat cover. "Open your mouth, please." “Ahhhh!” I brushed vigorously. My brother’s teeth were slightly yellow. "Ew! Your breath stinks, Jay. I’m going to get your tongue." I ran to my mom’s room to tell her I had cleaned Jay’s teeth like the dentist had cleaned mine. I did my research on dentistry and found the correct technique of brushing teeth properly. Unfortunately, summer came to a close and I had to start school. There was a new club called “Science Olympiad,” but I wasn’t interested because I had decided on being a dentist. “Hey Cookie, are you going to join Science Olympiad?” I told my friend no because I didn’t want to be a scientist. She began raving about the forensic science shows she watched at home. Quickly, I disclosed my love for the TV show, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). The murderer leaving evidence behind, the detectives putting the pieces together, and the victim getting justice kept my attention throughout my TV time. My friend advised me to join because there was a Forensic Science category, and I was “down.” The first meeting, “Eighth graders, you are first.” My heart fell because I knew I wasn’t going to get to be in the Forensic Science category. After finally
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