My Future Career Within The Healthcare Industry

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Throughout this document, readers will understand a few syllabus that I feel are important for my future career within the healthcare industry, some challenges I encountered, accomplishments, and opportunities that I have gained over the past seven weeks. In addition, taking the step to further my education is an accomplishment for me because if I did not decide to seek my dreams I would still be working at a convenience store. Furthermore, without this course I will not be able to obtain my college degree and seek employment in the healthcare industry. Therefore, it was a pleasure taking this class because I had the ability to gain more knowledge and skills for an administrative job. In addition, there are several insurance plans available throughout the United States; therefore, it is important to have the patient bring their insurance card with them upon arrival to verify his/her coverage. The purpose of health insurance is to reduce the number of individuals without insurance. Therefore, Obama created the Obama Care law to make sure all citizens have health insurance. Those who cannot afford insurance will have coverage; yet, those who refuse to get insurance will have to pay a penalty. This law is to ensure citizens are able to seek medical care before their sickness is incurable. However, besides Obama Care, individuals have HIPAA. According to Forney, “the primary purpose of HIPAA is to provide continuous insurance coverage for workers and their insured
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