My Future Job As A Marine

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Marines INTRODUCTION This paper is about my future job as a marine. The marines are the first force on the ground and the last to leave they do there job the fastest and the most efficient. little fun fact did you know that “the marines were the main reason we had the most success in vietnam war” (“Solis, Gary D”). The marines were started on “ November 10,1775 when the continental congress approved the resolution to establish two battalions of marines to help the navy”(“united states marine corps”). The main reason the “marines were developed was to help the navy in wars because they had no ground troops they could send out”(“Wright D, Billy”). so they created the marines. It start out with a little bit of marines and know today it is…show more content…
Along with that the higher you score on your asvab the more you can do with the job what you want i guess. less you score the less you get to pick from to do. So try really hard to get a high score on the test because if you don’t score a certain percentage then they won’t even consider taking you if you don’t make the grade or percentage you need to make. Along with these things i would try to be in good shape have a ride things along that line of things. WORKING CONDITIONS and SALARY The working conditions for a marine are great they keep the place clean or try to at least it’s a great day everyday. As well as i know there are no potential health or safety issues as a marine accept the risk of death which is the basic risk of any branch of the military. The beginning “wage of a private in the marines you get 2,384 a month and the maximum goes up with your rank a sergeant makes 45,815 a year which is about 2,908 a month a staff sergeant makes 59,686 a year and about 3,913 a month a caption make 90,045”(“Glassdoor-get your job”). It goes up from there the more you rank up the more money or salary you get. The factors that affect the salary range are how much you get done how much you do what you can do and how fast you can do it. There almost no expenses involved in getting started the only thing that it takes is time and dedication. The benefits of a marine are you
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