My Future Profession As A Healthcare Manager And Nurse

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In our lifetime, we all have been challenged with following our leaders within politics, church, office or we, ourselves, were leaders within those same capacities. We lead people deliberately or unknowingly by the choices we make or by those choices that we challenge others to make. I think that many times we take those challenges too lightly and do not realize the impact we make in the lives of others both personally and professionally. John Maxwell, a great leader, once said: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. As an advocate of education, it is my desire to lead others to excellence within my future profession as a healthcare manager and nurse. As I envision my future, 10 years from now, I see myself…show more content…
When searching for a Master of Nursing program after graduating with your BSN, it is imperative that the student pursuing their MSN first decide if they are interested in a traditional classroom setting or an online forum. Most potential students are working students; therefore, online classes may be a potential option to fit into their personal schedule. One caution to those pursing online courses: it is imperative that the student be self- disciplined and organized. Financing is also a critical component of choosing a nursing program as well. Some online programs can be very expensive with excessive hidden fees. The student should research potential colleges and ensure that the program is accredited. Talking with previous and current students is also an option if available. I have not yet selected a college to attend for my MSN; however, I have looked at a few colleges and Gardner-Webb University is one of them. I have selected Gardner-Webb University as one of my choice because Gardner-Webb University prides itself as not only an atmosphere for Christian learning, but also ranked the #1 source for student services and technology through my personal experiences. Gardner-Webb University also offers both Nursing Administration and Nursing Education. Before the student receives acceptance into either program, they must apply and meet all requirements. The potential graduate student applying to Gardner-Webb University (GWU) must have
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