My Future Profession As A Healthcare Manager And Nurse

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In our lifetime, we all have been challenged with following our leaders within politics, church, office or we, ourselves, were leaders within those same capacities. We lead people deliberately or unknowingly by the choices we make or by those choices that we challenge others to make. I think that many times we take those challenges too lightly and do not realize the impact we make in the lives of others both personally and professionally. John Maxwell, a great leader, once said: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. As an advocate of education, it is my desire to lead others to excellence within my future profession as a healthcare manager and nurse. As I envision my future, 10 years from now, I see myself as a successful leader equipped with a Master of Science degree in Nursing as well as a healthcare management degree. Within my paper, I will discuss the education requirements needed to obtain a master’s degree in nursing with a concentration in education, the job outlook for nurse educators, as how I began developing my personal skillsets and experiences in order to obtain a position as a nurse educator. Before my self-proclaimed 10 year vision for myself as a nurse can come to pass, I must first successfully complete my course work within a nursing program. As a current nursing student at Forsyth Technical Community College, nursing school is indeed a very tedious and tiring task; however, it is one that is a necessary pre-requisite
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