My Future in the Field of Computer Science

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I consider my grandfather as my idol as he has instilled a strong, positive attitude in all members of our family. He hails from a very humble background but he migrated to the city of Mumbai, India at the age of fourteen so that he could provide a better life to his family. He has achieved a lot but throughout his life he has emphasized on the power of education.
I was in ninth grade when he got me my first computer. I was elated, and since I was learning the basics in high school I opened command prompt and executed a simple command to practice for a test. Eventually I started using the computer for making presentations, research on several projects. During my vacations, I completed a course in basic web-designing and MS-Office. I found that the more I learnt, the more my zeal and passion for Computers increased. I decided that my future has to be in the field of Computer Science.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step “– Lao Tzu. To achieve my dreams I came to the USA to for my Bachelor’s degree. Being an international student, I faced a lot of hurdles with the education system in America but eventually became the first person in my family to graduate with a degree in Computer Science. During my bachelor’s degree, I have worked on various projects using multiple languages. One of my projects was developed using core Java, Java Servlets and a multi-server…
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