My Future:The Effects of Being a Med Student

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The life of a medical student can almost be seen as a burden. To be a physician, science and mathematics based classes should be taken in college. The American Medical Association website states that anyone wanting to be in the medical field should do the following, “four years at a college or university to earn a BS or BA degree, usually with a strong emphasis on basic sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics.” Later on in the article it states that the next programs to enroll in after college are medical school, a residency program and fellowship. The medical field requires so much science and math based courses followed by rigorous training that it puts pressure on medical students. At times this pressure can becomes too much…show more content…
Damsels in distress are not just found in fairy tales anymore, they can be found in reality as well. A damsel in distress is someone in need of saving and in the medical field there are a lot of them. The training to be in the medical field is where the problem lays, not the outcome. Medical students are the victims of this fairy tale notion. These students face a tremendous amount of stress which puts them in distress. Those two combinations can lead to deadly outcome for the medical students Such as depression. As said by a Mayo Clinic Study, “students enter medical school with mental health profiles similar to their peers from college, but they begin to show higher rates of mental distress as they progress through medical school. The same study found that the most depressed students often are the least likely to reach out for help because of stigma related to mental illness” (Greenberg). Rebecca Greenberg continued her article on by saying,” With students showing such high levels of distress, Lisolette Dyrbye M.D, said the burden of seeking help should not fall on them alone, adding that institutions should play an active role in helping students handle depression.” Numerous studies have shown the correlation between the medical field and depression. Medical students face the reality that intertwines the medical life and their personal life, the first day they walk into medical school. Most people believe that the first year of
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