My General Experience With Assignments For English Class

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Final Portfolio Project 1. Personal Reflection: • My general experience with the assignments for English class was really good. Going into English class I knew that it wouldn’t be to overwhelming for me because I love to write. Whenever I was given an assignment to write about I automatically knew what to write about. I always chose to write about something that was interesting to me which made it very easy to pick a topic. The revision process wasn’t too bad for me either. Although Buchanan always gave us a date for when the rough draft was due and a date for the final paper I always tried to write the rough draft as if it was the final paper. This made the revision process very easy for me because I only had minor errors to correct. It also saved me a lot of time because I didn’t have to sit and revise for hours. Overall I loved this class and the teacher. It was one of the best classes I have had in a while. • I didn’t find it hard for any of my papers to discuss and find the right audience, purpose and tone. For example I focused my research paper on nurses and discussed their behaviors and attitudes. I think I did a good job focusing on a specific tone and audience for each of my papers. Another example would be my observation paper which specifically focused on people who would be entering or are already in the health care field. I maintained the same audience by writing as if I was talking to a specific group of people and trying to help them understand different

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