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Your general thoughts on the film. This documentary takes a profound look at the nuisance and complexities of rising tuitions and ballooning student debt. I found this film to be both enlightening and disheartening at the same time. As Andrew Rossi pulls back the veil and exposes the deterioration, destruction, and dismantlement of higher education, the outlook and sustainability seems dismal. I too share some of the growing concerns and criticisms expressed by the students in the documentary. By and large the American consumer trusts colleges. Higher education is a public service organization that historically and unfortunately is not accustomed to answering to the public. The American consumer and tax payer trusts colleges. However The film sheds light on some not so commonly known facts to the lay person or outsider. Some major take-a-ways for me were: 1. The scale and enormous cost of college tuition nationwide. 2. The increase in tuition, a rise to 1120% since 1978. 3. The decrease in state funding by 40%. 4. The propagation, competition and ranking of colleges based on seemingly insignificant selling points, i.e. Athletics, new facilities and promising social life; party scene. 5. On average students are graduating with $25,000 in student debt. Cooper Union and the battle for free tuition – is this a reasonable expectation? The students and concerned stakeholders of Cooper Union have every right to battle for free tuition. The expectations and protests of the

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