Essay on My Generation

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People throughout the world experience catastrophes, and contentment throughout their lives. Some incidences may impact just their lives, or even the world. People experience occurrences in their generation where only they could have an emotional connection. Ancestors, grandparents, and our parents have experienced situations in their lives, which we could only take a glimpse of. We see the photos, we hear the stories but we don't feel the emotions, which they experience during that time. In my generation there have been events in my life that I classify devastating and memorable. In the following paragraphs I will present the aspects of my generation of how incidences may impact our lives and the lives all across the world. In 1981…show more content…
Joe fan in the world. I couldn’t stop playing with the action figures. I would never miss a cartoon episode on TV; it was my favorite cartoon show. G.I Joe was about an army that would fight a group of bad guys that were called Cobra. It was the typical children show, Good vs. Evil. G.I. Joe is a highly secret, special mission force formed to fight the evils of the Cobra Organization. Formed by General Tomahawk and led by Duke, the G.I. Joe Team recruits only the best of the best form all divisions of the U.S. Military. Naval Seals, army rangers, delta force (WPIX). Green Berets- while all of these soldiers want to one day become members of the G.I. Joe team, only those who pass the grueling physical, mental, and ethical tests will be selected to join the team. Intending on taking over the world, Cobra has a secret network of soldiers and spies with bases around the world. Led by Cobra Commander, who has a long-standing grudge against the G.I. Joe team. The Cobra organization will not stop until they taken over the free will and finances of the leading countries (WPIX). The G.I. Joe team is committed to the cause of freedom for all people and will stop at nothing to make sure that the plans of Cobra are defeated. In 1991 the Persian Gulf War broke out, Jan.-Feb armed conflict resulting from Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. In August 1990 Iraq invaded and annexed Kuwait, which it had long claimed. The UN Security Council called for Iraq to withdraw and
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