My Genetic Influenced My Life

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From genetic inheritance to applying a band-aid to a scraped knee, parents give and give until they have nothing else to offer. My eleven-year-old sister, Ashlynne, inherited my father’s taste in alternative rock and my mother’s thin hair. My thirteen-year-old sister, Lorelei, inherited my father’s lengthy legs and my mother’s shyness. I have acquired much more than my father’s blue eyes and my mother’s appreciation for dogs. I inherited my father’s determination and my mother’s fertile mind which worked together through my development to pave the way for my success.
My father’s drive to exceed the expectation has followed me through my last 12 years of school. In third grade, I dreaded time math tests. My scores were average for a third grader learning multiplication, yet my father decided to do what parents do best; give. He gave me practice through timed tests at home, a chance to improve myself, and a lesson. His lesson was to look past the
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She has always had the aspiration to further her education and I find myself looking for any way to do the same. My very first research project in sixth grade was presentational and I chose to research physics. If only I could’ve captured the looks of the parents looking down at this little girl explaining how molecules in the air affect the way we see the sky. Although I have slowed down my pace quite a bit since then, I have always wanted to know more and will continue to learn.
My parents have given me life skills, lessons, and the support I need to set out to accomplish my goals. Now I ask something of you, a college experience of a lifetime. My mother has never had anything negative to say about this university. Looking through old pictures of my mother in her college days, I asked about her experienced and she answered, “I would go back in a heartbeat”. I started looking into what ISU has to offer me as an
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