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What Coastal Features are formed by waves along a section of the Palisadoes Tombolo in Kingston and Green Wall in St. Thomas, Jamaica? By Kashaun Smith School: Wolmer’s Boys School Territory: Year: 2013-2014 Table of Contents Page Title Page Number Aim of Study Location of Study Area Methodology Presentation and Analysis of Data Conclusion Bibliography Aim of Study The aim of study is to determine and describe the coastal features observed along a section of Palisadoes Tombolo and Green Wall in St. Thomas, Jamaica. Location of Study Area Methodology On Monday, May 20, 2013, the Geography Department of Wolmer’s Boys’ School organized for students to visit sections of the South East coastline…show more content…
Scientists have called it both a spit and a tombolo. A spit is a long narrow bit of land made up of beach sediment carried by the current along the shoreline beyond a point where the coastline orientation changes abruptly. One end of a spit is attached to the shore and the other sticks out into the sea. A tombolo is a spit of sand linking an island to the mainland or to another island, usually forming on the sheltered side of the island. The Formation of Palisadoes Tombolo Material from the Hope and Cane River is deposited at its mouth. As time progress the sediments accumulate and project itself to the sea. The prevailing North East Trade Winds as well as longshore drifting changes the direction of the projection of sand and now forming a spit. The projection of the sediments and other materials continue projection until it connects to Port Royal where the feature formed is called a Tombolo. At the Palisadoes Tombolo, the type of wave observed was constructive waves. This was obvious seeing that the wave frequency was 8.8 waves per minute. The type of breakers observed were a combination of spilling and plunging breaker. The fetch of the wave was very extensive with the estimated wave height being 1.5 metres. The gradient of the beach is moderately steep with fine, black, sandy materials along the coastline. Various beach materials were observed such as pebbles, cobbles and different sizes of boulders. Further backshore a berm was observed which

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