My Girl, Vada Sultenfuss Models

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In the movie My Girl, Vada Sultenfuss models the symptoms commonly used to diagnose Illness Anxiety Disorder. However, she does not possess this psychological abnormality. As portrayed in the film, Vada exhibits thoughts and behaviors that are not typical of an eleven year old girl. At first glance, she may seem mentally sick to the viewer. Upon further examination however, it is clear to see that is not the case. The odd behaviors modeled by this young child are actually a cry for attention, and there are many aspects of this film that lead to this conclusion. First, Vada seems to be suffering from Illness Anxiety Disorder because throughout the beginning of the movie, she is consumed with the notion that she absolutely has a biological illness. A person with Illness Anxiety Disorder is often convinced, or at least always worried, that she or he is showing symptoms of a significant illness. In actually, there is obviously nothing wrong with the individual, but the notion can cause distress in that person’s life, or even impair her or him from living productively. Vada is a healthy young girl who has no logical reason to worry about disease. Still, she stays preoccupied with various somatic problems she feels can cause her to die if not treated immediately. Some of the illnesses she claims she has include hemorrhoids, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. Vada also believes she has had a chicken bone lodged in her throat for three years and that she was born jaundiced. Her

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