My Goal And Future As A Psychiatric And Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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Introduction Learning can be achieved from different backgrounds, situation or environment. It is my optimist desire to use my time at Walden University to achieve the best knowledge and skills thought to me by the diverse professors and student. Being a nurse for 9 years with a diverse background has provided me with some experience and eagerness to achieve evidence base practice to advance my knowledge as a Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). The purpose of this paper is to guide me through this learning process to stay focus on my goal and future as I advance in the learning process. Education and professional background My educational background is the base from African as a Food and nutrition teacher. After I…show more content…
This was a very intestine department because I became proficient in very sick patients and interpreting telemetry strips. I develop more interest in advancing my nursing career and helping people get medical help. I realized that my nursing profession is not just a job but also a passion for helping people make an impact in their lives. To better help people, advancing my knowledge will give me an opportunity to understand sick patients, their need, and a better way to assist them with their health problems. Professional Goals I have always had the strongest interest and desire to work in the health care field. However, choosing a specific area of specialty has been challenging in light of the fact that I immigrated from another country. I lived In Cameroon all my childhood and teenage life in a close cultural setting where family members participate when a family member is sick. What helped me to choose to continue my career by becoming a psychiatric NP was an experience back in my country when I was a teenager. My uncle was wrongly said to be going through a transitional period of “Kemchi” when he was actually suffering from a mental health problem that I now considered to be schizophrenia. The concept of “Kemchi” is a local belief that an individual is in a transitional stage of becoming a native doctor. A native doctor is a person who treats people with local herbs, a palm reader and claims the ability to see his client’s future. At
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