My Goal As A Student

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From the beginning of my life I struggled to express myself. When I was learning to speak I had a speech impediment which hindered me in many areas. Later on I mostly caught up with speech therapy, but in that time I was too preoccupied to focus on writing and realized I needed to catch up with my peers. On each essay I was told to write in school I made sure to not only do my best but to also make sure I improved on each and every composition. I stressed over this growth and the importance of my writing to the point that my primary goal as a student was to become the best rhetorician I could be. I slowly learned, through my life, ways to improve and hone my skills in the art of speech. With body language, enthusiasm, and humor I made myself the best I could be, and with these tools I take the daily opportunity to practice through analyzing other people 's’ writing, my own compositions, and conversing with those who surround me.
When I was three walking did not interest me, although it was effortless once I bothered. However, I did struggle to talk despite the large amount of difficulty and effort I gave it. With persistence and speech therapy I made sure to be the best speaker I knew. Although shy afterwards, I was finally fluent with my words by the age of seven, but in all that time though I didn’t focus on writing. This tumbled down on my life when in the fourth grade I had to start writing essays. With pressure from my smarter than average friend, the either old
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