My Goal As A Teacher

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My goal as a teacher is to encourage and challenge students as they develop their learning skills. Teaching young intellects is a significant undertaking and will not be taken casually. It is a position that is filled with many frustrations, challenges and responsibilities. However, it is a job that is also very rewarding full of pleasure, admiration and excitement. Every child possesses the ability to learn by their very own style. As a result, it is imperative to learn each student 's learning style, interests and aversions. Building relationships with every student is another important aspect. By learning more about them individually, I am able to provide suitable opportunities supported by valid learning experiences. I want to teach students with direct interaction, as well as bestowing independence to room to develop and expand on their own. At the beginning of the school year, it is clear that I will direct class discussions; nevertheless towards the end of the year, students will initiate their own questions and will answer them independently. I feel it is beneficial for students to sometimes work for the answer rather than being told because it broadens their understanding and educates them on finding information in a variety of ways. I also feel a fundamental aspect for students to learn is to work on projects that help others. As an educator, it is important not only to help the students that you are teaching but also give them direction to help others. I also

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