My Goal As a Counselor Essay

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It is quite remarkable to see the skills I have learnt put into action with individuals I encounter in my every day dealings. By implementing the basic counselling skills learnt, it has aided me in being a better person and also laid the foundations for my future career. Many skills were used in a variety of situations in the past quarter of a year, however, only a brief description of a few will be discussed below. It is simpler to learn a core skill from a textbook however it is more complex to apply that skill in practise; every individual is different and so are each of their issues. It is important as a student to familiarise ourselves with the key skills needed to become a successful skilled helper. In the beginning we are taught…show more content…
Furthermore this ability is only effective if it has been recognised or noticed by the individual (Freeth, 2007). I believe I illustrated this skill when I said “Sounds like you have had some positive personal growth; that is wonderful Nathan, you have come so far over the years”. This was a conversation I had with a long term friend who was feeling lonely and lost in his search for a woman to share his life with. This statement conveyed unconditional positive regard and expressed a form of acceptance (Rogers, 1995). Another important skill I have learnt is reflective responding. It is a back and forth process between a client and counsellor; which simply aids to clarify meanings, summarise and to help the client to delve deeper into the issue (Egan, 2010). I illustrated this virtuosity during a conversation with Nathan were I respond with “Correct me if I am wrong but are you saying that there is no point to life if you do not have someone”? Responding reflectively allowed him to clarify my understanding of his original statement; and also confide in more depth about his worries. Equally important, Egan has confirmed (2010) that “effective helping is a mixture of support and challenge”, and one with out the other can seem harsh and counterproductive (p. 211). In saying this I felt there was a need to challenge; to test the reality of one
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