My Goal Is To Combine Chemical Engineering with IT

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I have been using computers since my 10th grade, the more I use it, the more it seems like a black box. A lot of things happen internally when we play a game, or send an email or send a message through my phone. As a chemical engineer I learned the method of designing processes in an efficient manner. My knowledge in the field of Chemical Engineering and good understanding of the concepts obtained during coursework are evident with my high GPA of 9.77/10. An Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering gave me a good understanding of the fundamentals but not proper opportunity to excel in any particular area of interest. My interest towards programming and IT applications increased drastically during Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. My undergrad being in Hyderabad, the IT hub of India, we were exposed to many lectures from IT professionals. The topics ranged from how software helped in our everyday lives to how big projects fail due to lack of effective processes and communication. These lectures inspired me to learn more about computers. In my simulation and data modeling classes, we had to work on MatLab. This increased my curiosity on applying computer and systems technology to chemical engineering problems. This led me to spend long hours on these softwares and gain expertise in them. As a part of my undergraduate coursework, I was introduced to basic C and C++ programming. A task of writing a few C and C++ programs during the coursework led me to spend long hours
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