My Goal Of Becoming A Doctor

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My goal of becoming a doctor was reinforced when I received shocking news that my grandfather has passed away from a heart failure. The feelings of emptiness consumed my inner being upon hearing the sad news. As a twelve year old immigrant, bilingual of Vietnamese American, I fully experienced the sadness and hardship caring for an old age family member that now has passed away. He was my beloved grandparent and was always there to raise me. I felt completely helpless and powerless, unable to prevent my grandfather from passing away. I became frustrated and started to ponder if the turn of events would have been any different if I had better insight to what medical care had to offer. I would have been able to advise my grandfather about his condition and perhaps his problem may have been preventable. I vowed to become a competent doctor to better understand my grandfather 's death, and to make a real impact on preventing others’ loved ones from passing away due to my lack of medical knowledge.

I am determined to succeed. Before long, college started. To help meet end needs, I sought out a job as a medical assistant in an Ophthalmology office. First day on the job, I was directly involved in patient care. And inn this early path of working in the medical field, I was able to witness the patients ' smiles from treatments that are successful, to holding their hands, padding their back, and comforting them from news of losing their sight. I was able to feel some of the deep…

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