My Goal Of Becoming An Accountant

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The beauty of accounting is that there is always a precise and accurate response to every problem. It tells a story that helps companies make accurate decisions. Ever since I took my first accounting class, I knew I wanted to be an accountant. I enjoy working with numbers, reaching exact solutions, and the critical thinking that goes along with it. Since accounting is the basics to any business and organization, it can help launch different opportunities. I chose to be an accountant because of all the possibilities I have of succeeding. The steps to achieve my goal of becoming an accountant are to first apply to the Coles College of Business, then getting an internship or co-op, and finally receiving my accounting degree from Coles College of Business. Applying for Coles College of Business is the first step in achieving my goals. I need to first finish my two year of general education, and I need to have an adjusted GPA of 3.0 or higher to be accepted. Once accepted into Coles College of Business, I would like to major in accounting. I know that I will be well prepared for my major with classes offered in Coles College of Business like: Accounting Data Analytics, which teaches me how to use analytic tools such as Microsoft Access and other data analysis software, and Auditing and Assurance, which helps me understand audit theory, attestation, and assurance services (Courses). I do, however, need to make improvements in my writing and communication skills. In accounting, I

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