My Goals After Attending College

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My goal after completing college would to have earned my graduate or masters degree in mechanical engineering. To do this I would like to attend a year of community college to get prerequisites, then transfer to Oregon state university to get my degree. I have always been interested in building and taking things apart. When I was little I played with Legos, then as I got older I built and worked on computers, and recently I have been working on cars. I am fascinated to figure out how things work.
Question 2 Being able to provide financial support for my family is the most rewarding part of having a job for me. Keeping a steady job allows me to have money that, if needed, can be used to help buy groceries, pay rent, or insurance. The main reason I keep my job is to be a safety net financially. It allows me to feel as if I am needed to keep the house running. But it is all because I like being able to be someone who is reliable.
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This required me to anticipate that things might break and I might fail. Even though I prepared myself as much as i could by researching. I had to go slow to make sure bolts were loosening and not snapping, I had to figure out why some parts were stuck together, and I had to be persistent. When I had finished, I had given myself the confidence to be able to work on my car without being
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