My Goals And Dedication Of Dedication

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When people hear dedication, they may think about relationships or a job. Dedication means something different to all of us. To me, dedication is more general. It is chasing a dream or goal relentlessly yet selflessly. It has shaped me into the person I am today. Dedication emerged in me when I first started school and competing in athletics, and it has led me to every major achievement. Twelve years after dedication started to model me into who I am today, I realized it was shaping my life when I became a National Merit Scholar and placed eighth at state wrestling, both in February of 2016. I looked back to all the times where dedication is all that kept me on the track of achieving my goals and where dedication paid off. I didn’t choose to value dedication; external factors grew it up inside of me. Every youth soccer league practice and game, every wrestling practice and tournament, and every class I had were factors in the development of dedication. It’s clear what made me become so dedicated. The question to ask myself is why these experiences instilled dedication in me. The first place to look is wrestling. It’s a sport that can build or destroy character. Wrestling builds confidence. This confidence can grow or shrink depending on the outcome of competition. Some people become overconfident and others settle into the perfect amount of confidence. I believe I fall into the latter group. Practice can grow humility and dedication by fighting through
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