My Goals And Future Plans

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Statement of Purpose
Sarang Mahajan
In the essay that follows, I have made a sincere and truthful attempt of putting down my objectives, experiences and future plans with the aim of pursuing a career in biology. The ultimate goal I envision is of becoming a dedicated and creative researcher and a resourceful teacher. Keeping this objective in mind, I believe that pursuing graduate studies at (university name) is the correct choice and the first step towards my goal. Hence I seek admission to the graduate program in the Department of Biology.
Over the years, during my secondary school studies, I realized that science is rational and it required logical thinking, and this was the very reason it had conquered a portion of my mind. Pursuing
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I used to question myself time to time as to how a single cell, invisible to the naked eye is able to coordinate thousands of genes which regulate wide reaching pathways with millions of questions lying unanswered. The intricacies of nature are indeed amazing and so is biology, the study of these intricacies.

My sincere desire to study cells commenced from the Microbiology classes in the third year of my degree. These classes ignited immense curiosity in me and then instead of taking the concepts in the books for granted, I started looking back into the details of the research articles to gain the broader picture. While on leave from coursework after suffering a ligament tear, I decided to make the most of my free time. I picked up research papers corresponding to my course work, concentrated on the questions mainly addressed by the author, and then asked myself what all experiments will lead me to an answer.
Being interested in interdisciplinary research, choosing biology as the major subject did not stop me from thinking about other subjects. Apart from the coursework, I have been a part of seminars and workshops covering all the major areas of sciences, for instance “Foundation of analysis in mathematics” is one such workshop, which helped me to unwind the intricacies of Fourier Transforms. I participated in discussions and lectures on various topics, some of my favorites being synaptic and neural plasticity, pathogenic

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