My Goals And Objectives And Strategies

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1. There were no change made to my strategies and objectives. The objectives and strategies, I implemented to help me with my behavior change were manageable and completely doable. My self-efficacy throughout this whole process remained fairly high thanks to my ability to reach each objective and make use of each strategy. Achieving this lifestyle change would have been way more difficult if I had tried to cut meat and processed foods from my diet all at once. My ultimate goal is still to be eating a strict plant based diet by 2016, however, I did make a small change to my goal. Depending on my parents’ responses, I may or may not have to eat a slice of turkey during the holiday. Another alternative would be to eat a piece of fish instead of the traditional turkey. I understand being a vegetarian is my own personal decision, but I do not want there to be any fuss over my new dietary habits. 2. I believe I was pretty successful at achieving my goal of maintaining a vegetarian diet and limiting my intake of processed foods. Unfortunately, I slipped one time throughout the three weeks and consumed meat. Fortunately, this “relapse” does not signify failure because I did not allow this to dictate whether or not I continued my behavior change. Eliminating processed foods all together presented a challenge, especially during my most stressful moments. Although, sometimes fighting urges to indulge in junk foods, I do believe I did well majority of the time. My goal of maintaining a
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