My Goals And Responsibilities Of My School Years

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“ Education defined in its broadest sense as any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual.” This statement has carved an indelible and deeply profound mark on my recent career choices and philosophy. Academically, I am dedicated and determined in my desire to be successful. One of the main regrets of my school years was the failure to recongise the significance and importance of my education. Since then I left my graduate job and have devoted everything I can to strive for excellence and academia, and throughout this have discovered a love for the classroom and the ability to show that anything is possible in life if we truly believe in our goals and dreams. My university…show more content…
Alas, my degree was not focused on primary teaching but the coursework and modules within my semesters opened my mind to so many different ideas and possibilities. Majority of my coursework was based upon behaviours of consumers, theories, digital marketing, design work and accounting & finance. Everything that I learned in university I am able to project into the classroom and I really experienced this first hand when I undertook voluntary classroom work. Consumer behaviours enabled me to engage with the children and observe their behaviours, digital theories helped me to present work for the children using the internet and computers. I would describe myself as very creative so the design element in my degree enabled me to build upon my skills with art & design and the overall presentation of classroom ideas. Accounting & Finance was very beneficial to my numerical skills and made me more confident with numbers. As well as the modules in university I had to present and draft numerous of essays and presentations which has massively helped me with classroom organisation and overall skills With every intention to complete my honours certification at university, I was given an amazing opportunity to work as a graduate within Bank of Scotland in the training and development centre. As this job enabled me to still teach and educate people I left university with an ordinary degree to pursue this new chapter in my life. The job was truly an incredible experience but it
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