My Goals And Responsibilities Of My School Years

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“ Education defined in its broadest sense as any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual.” This statement has carved an indelible and deeply profound mark on my recent career choices and philosophy.

Academically, I am dedicated and determined in my desire to be successful. One of the main regrets of my school years was the failure to recongise the significance and importance of my education. Since then I left my graduate job and have devoted everything I can to strive for excellence and academia, and throughout this have discovered a love for the classroom and the ability to show that anything is possible in life if we truly believe in our goals and dreams.

My university years taught me how to open up to different learning styles and techniques. It was deeply fascinating learning how one persons learning and psychology refers to the preferential way in which the person processes, absorbs, retains and comprehends information. This inspired me to dive further into education techniques and had a profound mark on my career goals and choices. For me to enhance my degree into primary education is the next step in a career dedicated to enchanting and engaging the minds and hearts of children and to bring the tangible experience of a professional career and the benefit of a university education to the modern classroom.

My degree in retail marketing was the catalyst behind my ambition to become a primary school…

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