My Goals And Strengths And Weaknesses

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Brooke Point High School has been my second home for the past three years and a half. There, I have completed three Honors English classes, and I’m currently in a Dual Enrollment course. In those three years and a half, I have witnessed my writing skills develop and improve remarkably over time, as well as my academic growth as a writer. Like every other writer, I have both strengths and weaknesses. I rarely experience difficulty when it comes to grammar, putting my thoughts onto paper, and researching. However, deciding what to write about and writing analytical papers are some of my weaknesses I have yet to overcome. Throughout my years in school, I have managed to figure out my strengths and weaknesses, and continue to work to improve both. Since starting high school, I have found myself having less trouble with grammar, organizing my thoughts onto paper, finishing the papers assigned to me on time, and researching. Although I once struggled greatly with grammar, I don’t see it as a problem anymore. The more I proofread and review the papers I write, the less grammatical errors I find. Despite it taking me a while to figure out how and what I want write about for certain papers and topics, I have always found it easy to put my thoughts onto paper. Once I know what I want to write about, the thoughts come pouring in and I find myself writing abundantly. Even though it takes me some time to figure it out at first, I still manage to turn in my papers on time. Another
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