My Goals Changed My Life And Making A Better Person Out Of Me

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I have never had a problem with school, but that’s not saying it comes naturally either. As a matter of fact, I would even go so far as to compare going to high school like fighting a long war, meaning I have enjoyed school for the better part of my life, but I have definitely lost a battle or two. I believe that my strict upbringing has played a crucial role in developing my academic endeavors and how my expectations changed when fulfilling my education. Academics have changed my whole life and making a better person out of me. My academic career has developed because of my upbringing, determination as an individual, and having experiences as a student to influence my attitude towards education.
I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and
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My father supports the entire family while my mother raised my siblings and myself. Of course, there were times that my brother and I would go after each other making for long car rides to school. For the majority of my early academic career life went rather fast.
It was during my years of elementary school that my life began to fall apart. From an early age I became diagnosed with a learning disability disrupting even the most normal of tasks. Being the first of my siblings to attend school my parents were frightened by my disorder fearing I would live a life of abnormality. During my first attempt of second grade I was assigned an I.E.P or individual education plan. Going to school was an embarrassment from that day on, I felt different, in a sense I was different. From the beginning of my schooling as a student up until the early part of middle school, I was different and not very understood. My parents being uneducated in the disability became annoyed and disappointed when it came to receiving proper help and guidance. Each day of school was a constant struggle, my mother recalls, “He would fight me tooth and nail before going on the bus, he hated attending class, but who could blame him, he wasn’t receiving the help he needed” (Julie Mckinlay). I sought approval from all of my teachers and parents and felt that I had let them down if I failed to complete an assignment. After second grade
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