My Goals For College Essay

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For having an organized and orderly life, we need to have a plan to create that life. When you plan for your life, then you will be able to know what is that next step that you should do to become closer to your goals. It is like trying to bake a cake, but you do not how or what you should use to make that cake. You will not have a delicious cake unless you know it is recipe. Recipes are like planes in our lives, they show us how to move forward to approach what we are willing for. As I am planning for my life, I put education and graduating from high school, getting into a good college and university, and building a nice future with an excellent job as my main steps in life to reach my goals. To achieve your main goal in life, you need to take careful and baby steps to reach that target. One of my biggest steps to achieve my dreams in the future is graduating…show more content…
My second goals to reach my dream is to attend college, and then attend university. However, being accepted in a good college and university is not easy, it is the exact opposite. I have to have high GPA, if I want to attend a high level college. So, I am planning to apply for community college after graduating from high school. After finishing community college in two or three years, i am willing to transfer to improved and high level university to finish my education and get the degree that i am dreaming of. I am willing to study an Architectural Engineering or Architecture. Those two degrees are not easy to have, especially when I want to be able to get a batchelor and maybe master's degree in one of them. I need to work so hard to be able to get into the college and university that I am willing to attend and apply to. As much as graduating from high school, community college, and university are important, but they are not the end to my future dream; they are only the beginning to build

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