My Goals For My Career

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As I graduate from high school, and enter into the next stage of my life, I have many aspirations and hopes for the future. This fall, I plan to embark on a new journey and start my undergraduate degree in kinesiology. I am excited to learn about my passions, and in the future I am looking forward to being able to help others and benefit their lives in a positive way. After I have completed my Bachelors of kinesiology, I aim to further my education and receive a masters in physiotherapy. I want to do this because I find this profession fascinating and very rewarding. I have been injured in the past, and those injuries prevented me from dancing, which is what I love doing. When I wasn’t able to dance because of my injury, I was…show more content…
My parents are divorced and as a result of that, I have spent over half of my life going between my mom's house and my dad’s house. I would love to be able to live in one place, where I can settle in and not have to move around a couple times per week. In addition to living in one place, I would love to have a place of my own. As a part of the new adventure of attending university, and becoming an adult, I think it is very important to be able to live by yourself and to learn how to do that. I believe that university residence is the perfect place for me to experience all of these things. While living in one place I will be able to get into a routine that works for me and that can ensure my best possible success. I will no longer have to alter this every few days, depending on where I am living. Furthermore, I will have the experience of living alone and being independent, but, if I do need some help or support, there are many other students, living in the same building as me, who are experiencing the same things. I also believe that living in residence adds a cultural and social benefit to people’s university experience, because you can easily participate in activities around campus and be in close proximity to everything. This scholarship will benefit me in helping to relieve some of the financial stress I know I will be under throughout my first year and as well as throughout the entirety of my degree. Continuing with
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