My Goals For My Future Classroom

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My primary goals for my future classroom are to create a climate that is welcoming and accepting for my students. I want my students to learn acceptance in turn and welcome diversity and become culturally aware and culturally sensitive students. This course has enabled me to think practically and pragmatically about how I can create and model that culturally sensitive environment for my students. After spending this month reflecting on what cultural diversity and multiculturalism are and mean I have definitely come away with a greater understanding of the terms. To me cultural diversity means that there are multiple cultures that are present in a given community or environment. Multiculturalism means to me more so that that community coexists and thrives based off the presence of different cultural beliefs and systems. A definition of Multiculturalism that was presented in one our readings was:
Multiculturalism is a system of beliefs and behaviors that recognizes and respects the presence of all diverse groups in an organization or society, acknowledges and values their socio-cultural differences, and encourages and enables their continued contribution within an inclusive cultural context which empowers all within the organization or society. (What Makes a School Multicultural? 2015)
The key terms in this definition to pull out, for me, is the respect and that we value the differences. Without acceptance and inclusion in a multicultural setting, there is in fact, no
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