My Goals For My Future Family

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Life is full of dreams and aspirations, yet there has to be a solid plan in place to transform the fantasy to reality. For people like me who tend to prioritize and plan ahead, the task is simple. After carefully thinking about the goals I have, I have concluded that I have one main goal with a short-term goal that in turn will open the door to larger goals. By surviving my freshman year of college with at least a 3.85 grade point average (GPA) while working a full time job, I can boost my confidence and build up a solid foundation for future endeavors in college. I could probably name a thousand reasons why I decided to go back to college. But, the main reason is for my future family. College is very important in our life. Without education the only job out there is running a cash register for minimum wage. It is hard to make a living on low income. Believe me, I know because I have tried to do it. I wanted to be able to provide a better life for myself as well as my future family. I want my kids to have more than what I had as kid. Growing up my dad worked carpenter, and he used to get not that much money from his job. My mom never works; she took care of the house cook, laundry, clean, and a lot more. We are three kids and I am the oldest. My dad had difficult time to provide us with everything we need. We would wear the clothes for while tell we get a new once. It is unforgettable memory for me and my brothers, but it was a happily life in the same time. I like to be…
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