My Goals For My High School Goals And Career Goals

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Run! Run after the ambitions you want to accomplish in life and leave a mark on the path you walk on. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? To accomplish anything in life, you need to set yourself a goals. Setting yourself goals is the path to reach your accomplishments. Your goals do not need to be extremely high or even low, they should be in between your ability. To achieve your life goals, you need to challenge yourself so that you feel you have accomplished something above your own ability. In reality, without trying new experiences we could never know what we are capable of achieving. I have set myself a high school goal, personal goal and a career goal.
My high school goal is to be able to put more effort in my schoolwork. It is my last year in school and as a responsible “A” student I need to put the effort in my work. I have realized I am not getting the grades I want to receive. Since I am not getting what I want, I have to change that in order to satisfy myself. This
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I enjoy taking the time to observe the buildings around me, considering what it is I like or dislike about a building or bridge then recording my thoughts alongside a drawing in my sketchbook. Modern buildings that I find exciting to look at, rather than rows of uniform houses. Having a creative mind and being good in math helps me to get in that particular major. Working on hand on work is what my mind can play with. Doing what I love is important. In order to reach my future goal is to plan my steps. I planned three steps to take in order to reach my career goal. The first step is to take the practice exam in Kuwait University. The second step is to register for the exam on December and take it three times to get the perfect grade. Lastly, I would take the highest mark I received from the exam and apply to the major. I would pray to God to get accepted and hopefully I would get

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