My Goals For Scholarship

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I haven’t had many goals in life, but the few I do I plan to achieve. I plan to become very good at basketball, but I won’t join the NBA. I plan to make it into Postsecondary Education Opportunity (PSEO), and graduate with a Gates millennium scholarship, which pays 12,785 dollars on average. Those can all be achieved by the end of high school, but I have even bigger plans after that. I plan to become an orthopedic surgeon and attend either Harvard or Stanford. These are all big plans and I hope to achieve them all. In high school, I said I plan to practice my basketball skills and to make it into PSEO. I have already taken steps to improve my skills in basketball. I go to the gym every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and any other time I have the chance. I have also started on making it to PSEO, I have been maintaining my grades and have no missing assignments. I plan on going to Normandale community college and to the University of Minnesota after that. My goals through college are very specific. I plan to graduate with a Gates millennium scholarship, which will be paying most of my classes for the first four years. I also plan to be accepted to both Harvard University and Stanford, but to choose one based on my personal needs. I will work hard in all of my classes and will finish my four years at the top of my class. I don’t think it…show more content…
Orthopedic surgeons are surgeons that specialize in performing surgery on patients with injuries or infections from the musculoskeletal system. This career has indulged me due to it’s large salary of 512,000 dollars a year and also due to its participation in helping people. This large salary that is received is partly due to the skill it takes to perform these surgeries and partly due to the length of schooling the surgeons have to go through. This career has indulged me for some time and in the future, I plan on becoming a licensed orthopedic
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