My Goals In Life

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Everyone has a purpose in life whether it is to help save the world or just bring happiness to people around them everyone has a purpose. My purpose is to help serve the community and give back through consistency to help protect my family and the families of others. I have three goals that I would like to achieve in my life. First, I would like to be committed to play college baseball, second I would like to go to college and graduate with an associates, bachelor, and my masters degree, and last I would like to eventually become an FBI agent and do my part in protecting or helping someone who may need help. Those are my three main goals in life and of course I will have mini goals that are not as big or important but these are the main goals. My personal goal is too be committed to play college baseball by January 1, 2018. This goal is important to me because I have played baseball all my life and I have never been the one player that stands out to everyone and is amazing. I am that one player that will grind an at bat, get a bunt down when needed, and I do not do anything that pulls people over to the game I am playing in. I am okay with not being that player because I feel like it makes me work harder and just do my thing when I am on the field. It is important to me that I play because I feel like I can prove a lot of people wrong by going to a good baseball school or just play college baseball at all. Also, my parents have poured thousands of dollars throughout my

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