My Goals In Life

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Why i know that im never going to make it anywhere in life where i can sit back and say im happy. I am a failure, i lack what is the most nescesary and vital thing to becoming succsesful and happy. This is drive, the will, the no matter whats coming at me im going to charge full speed right back at it and beat it with everything i have, and after that pick my head up and look for what is behind that. This is the story of my life, it can be explained in one sentence. I start and never finish. This is the hard truth that i think about whenever someone asks me what i want to be when i grow up, who i really am as a person, or what are your goals in life. I have one dream, one goal in life. That one goal is the simplest thing to say yet the hardest to master in the world, its to be that person that when you look at them and what they’ve done in life you just say to yourself ,that is drive, that is will, that is what it looks like when one man truly accomplishes everything to his best abilities and can look back on life and just be proud of everything that he has done. And the best part is that he is just proud and happy because he knows that he gave it that extra half inch more than anyone else was willing to go, he went farther up the mountain than any other man. Because when he saw you in the background starting to fade and weaken. You know what he said to himself? ‘I can go further’ and even after he went further and was about to collapse he said ‘i can go further’. Even if

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