My Goals : My Career Goals

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As a student, employee, son, brother, and Christian I have many responsibilities. The most important responsibility is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. My personal goals are to be married and have a child or children by the age of 30. Secondarily and far less pressing is to drive a full sized truck, and to comfortably afford it. My academic goals are very unclear. They directly correlate with my career goals which have not been set. But for the sake of this paper my academic goal is to first get my AA. And if I still have no set career goal, to move onto UCF to either study physical training or business. My career goals that I have set have more to do with retirement. This is due to the fact that I do not know what I would like to spend the rest of my life doing. One of my biggest Goals is to retire by the year 2042. That would put me at the age of 45. I think that leaves me with a lot of my life left to do what I’ve always wanted. And I can be very involved in my younger kid’s lives.
My long term personal goal is to have a happy God gratifying family with my wife and kids. This goal is more important to me than any of my other goals. As I’ve grown older and out of my rebellious stage I have really seen the error of my ways and how I have been sinning very much. However now that I’m in college, I have my own job, my own car, I pay for everything that pertains to me including gas and insurance, and I have my own college plan that I pay for on my own I have really taken
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