My Goals Upon Graduation, And Where I Plan Working Within The Social Work Field

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My goals upon graduation, and where I plan working within the social work field.
Growing up I dealt with many forms of abuse, and due to all the trauma I had a lot of built up aggression. Unfortunately, at the time I felt there was no other way to express myself except to act out. As a consequence of my bad behavior, I lost many close friends, and missed many good opportunities. As a result, I was required to go to intensive family therapy for three days a week, with a women named Julie. Fortunately, after therapy I saw a change in myself, and I began to learn new skills to communicate, and cope with my anger. Although, I’ve gone to see many therapists before, Julie was the one counselor that gave me hope, and after meeting her my life has positively changed. This experience of going to family therapy, and meeting Julie has influenced me to want to help other troubled teens who have dealt with abuse.
Upon graduating from Heritage University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, I hope to start my own private practice, so I can counsel troubled teens. I plan on providing services such as cognitive therapy, employment resources, and family therapy. However, I will specialize in working at risk youth with behavioral problems. In addition, I will continue on with my education, and get a M.S.W in Social Work. I plan on earning my M.S.W. in Social Work at Eastern University, so I can earn a counseling certification. However, in the meantime I plan on working as a case manager…
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